Amcor is the world’s leading flexible packaging company, operating across 30 countries and 89 plants. In recent years they have undergone various rebranding exercises and have asked us four times now to rebrand and refurbish existing signage and, where appropriate, supply and fit new signage.

This involved a huge variety of different types and sizes of sign, using different materials and systems – a challenging project well beyond the capabilities of most sign companies.

Some signs we just re-sprayed with new lettering and then re-erected. Others were post and panel directional signs to guide people around the various sites. We also produced and fixed the impressive signage in reception – this was cut from acrylics.

The large signs on the exterior of the buildings were made from Flexi-face. They’re constructed from heavy aluminium extrusion cases with vinyl skins tensioned tightened around the frame using spring loaded clips.

This gives a wrinkle-free face which is highly durable with no joints, no matter what size. Fixing these was a challenge. We organised all the scaffolding, but that was the easy bit! We couldn’t just use self-tapping screws on the cladding – this would not have been sufficiently robust. We had to attach the sign directly to the internal supports of the building to ensure everything stayed in place.

They also asked us to produce the vinyl graphics for their premises overseas and we shipped them to Canada, France, Spain and Scandinavia – where we had to ensure the signs were also reflective, to allow for their short winter days.

That way the company could be confident that the graphics were entirely consistent and identical across the whole operation, because they had all been produced by the same team.

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